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A colourful wall chart showing the 118 elements of the periodic table of chemical elements. The image shows the periods and rows and how the elements are related.

What Is The Periodic Table of Chemical Elements?

The periodic table, also known as the periodic table of elements and the periodic table of chemical elements, is a clever visual representation of all the known chemical elements. The periodic table stands as one of the most iconic and indispensable tools in the realm of chemistry, it’s organised arrangement of elements provides scientists with invaluable insights into the properties and behaviours of the different elements.

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Diagram to explain the roles of different hormones in romantic love

The Chemistry Of Love

Scientists have broken romantic love down into three distinct phases: lust, attraction & attachment. And far from being in control of your emotions, we’re here to tell you, the success of your romantic endeavours is down to the complicated interplay between a batch of chemicals, known as hormonse swishing around in your body. Doesn’t sound so romantic now does it?

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About Chemistry Sets |

About Chemistry Sets

  What is A Chemistry Set A chemistry set is a small collection of chemicals and associated scientific apparatus, typically glass or plastic ware, ...

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