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Zonnestelselmodel 2015, basic set (Dutch Planet Path)

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Your own planet path, at scale 1:100 billion! A small encyclopaedia and scale model of the Solar System in one. The distances of the Sun to the planets, dwarf planets and thousands of other Solar System objects are too large to visualise without a scale model! This basic set of the Solar System scale model contains 16 cards: for the Sun, the eight planets, the five dwarf planets and stars in the immediate neighbourhood. Finally a special card for this scale model, and scale models in general. You can hang of place the cards at the correct (shown) distances at scale to build your own Planet Path, at least 45 m long (up to Neptune; up to dwarf planet Eris it is 101 m long). Complete the Solar System scale model with the supplement (MDL-ZS2), consisting of cards for the Moon, smaller ice dwarfs and asteroids and certain areas of the Solar System with many objects, such as the Asteroid Belt and the Kuiper Belt. This new Solar System scale model is for now only available in Dutch. That is really a pity for it is a wonderful tool to teach everyone (particularly young people) about distances in the Universe. We hope in the near future we can work with publishers in other countries, especially in English speaking countries, to realise English editions of the scale model

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