Fossilised Squalicorax Sharks Tooth


Squalicorax sharks are also called crow sharks due to their habit of scavenging dead organisms. The name Squalicorax is derived from the Latin Squalus - shark, and the Greek Korax - raven. Squalicorax sharks scavenged along coastal waters eating dead fish and sharks, but they are also known to have scavenged dead mammals which fell into the sea waters. They were great clean up operators. The Squalicorax is an extinct genus of lamniform shark known to have lived during the Cretaceous period. A fully formed fossil skeleton of Squalicorax (S. falcatus) has been found in Kansas, it was 1.9 m in length, but it is estimated the longest species of Squalicorax measured up to 5 metres in length. Large numbers of fossil teeth have been found in Europe, North Africa, and other parts of North America, making Squalicorax and successful and geographically widespread group of shark species. CuriousMinds Fossils are presented bagged with an informative fact card