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Curious Minds Metal Flip Over Tippe Top in Drawstring Pouch

£ 8.99

2 reviews

Discover the fascinating world of physics with the Curious Minds Metal Flip Over Tippe Top.

These are highly polished solid metal flip over tops. They have a chrome like finish and are excellently machined.

Simply spin it as normal and watch it suddenly flip over and then continue to spin upside-down.

Furthermore, if it is originally spun in the direction of an arrow painted upon its hemispherical portion, upon flipping, it spins opposite the direction of the arrow.

Flip over tops (often known as a The Tippe Top) were originally invented in 1950 by the Danish engineer Werner Østberg. His inspiration came from a visit to South America where he had seen local people playing with a small, round fruit. When they turned it by the stalk like an old-fashioned spinning top, it would spin for a second and then invert and spin on the stalk. However some credit should be given to Helene Sperl who in 1891 patented a Wendekreisel in Germany. However the patent ran out and it was never mass produced.

The tops are 29mm in diameter ( 1. 14 inches ) and about 36mm tall (1. 41 inches ).

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
A W.

Bought for a six-year-old and he loves it. It is a particular beautiful version of this top, made of polished stainless steel. It has a comfortable knurled stem to give a good grip for spinning. The top of the stem is shaped so when it stands upright, there is little friction and it spins on its stem for a kong time. Excellent quality. I have bought many of these tops over the years in plastic and wood, but this is the best so far. If you are going to but a hippie-top buy this. Nice touch is that it comes in a very nice small drawstring bag. Great value. I love it and will buy more. Alan Walker

Alan P.

The top is very well made and turns itself over as it should. It is a little smaller than I was expecting but that’s my fault for not reading the product description properly.