Kidz Labs Potato Clock

£ 14.95

Curious Minds Did You KnowCopper is the only naturally anti-bacterial metal!

Unleash your inner scientist and discover the fascinating possibilities of the humble potato with the Kidz Labs Potato Clock!

The Potato Clock is a battery-free, exciting science session. Discover how a potato can power a digital clock with this kit - its high voltage inspiration! Use electrolysis to learn about batteries and how they work with this hands-on, easy to use kit. Simply add a potato and watch the circuit come to life powering your very own clock!

It works as when the copper and zinc electrodes are inserted into the electrolyte – a solution that conducts electricity, in this case, the phosphoric acid in the potato – the zinc electrode undergoes an oxidation reaction and the copper electrode undergoes a reduction reaction. The zinc electrode releases electrons that move through the wires to the clock and the copper electrode. This current activates the display on the clock!

A brilliant gift set for a young, excited and inquisitive mind. Ideal to foster curiosity and encourage scientific learning on rainy days and a fantastic school holiday activity.

Experiment with various fruits, vegetables and other items around the house to find out what else will power the clock - the results will amaze you!

Contains 2x copper and 2x zinc electrodes, clock, wires and instructions.

Age 5+