Kidz Labs Green Science Salt-Powered Robot


Curious Minds Did You Know? A social humanoid robot named Sophia is the first robot to be granted citizenship in the world!

The Salt Powered Robot kit from 4M is an excellent way to ignite a love for science and explore into the relevant world of electrical engineering and robotics!

Get hands-on to build and understand the future of alternative energy sources. Put the mini robo-racer together using the collection of plastic body parts, axles, wheels, and motor. Stir up a mixture of saltwater using household table salt and water, insert the included aluminium and carbon sheets, add a little bit of the homemade saltwater with the pipette dropper, and ZOOM! You've just created a salt water-powered engine!

Detailed illustrated instructions also include the science behind aluminium-air batteries and some interesting fun facts.

A brilliant gift set for a young, excited and inquisitive mind. Ideal to foster curiosity and encourage scientific learning on rainy days and a fantastic school holiday activity.  

Ideal for children aged 8+