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SpecWell M-820-S Dual Action Monocular Microscope/Telescope with Built-in Graticule

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SpecWell M-820-S Monocular microscope/telescope with auxiliary close-up lens and reticule scale with incrementations of 0.1, 0.05 and 0.2 mm and non-reversed image. The M-820-S is designed for use either as a close-up stand microscope or long distance monocular telescope. Popular for industrial applications in quality control and inspection.

When using this monocular as a telescope, objects can be observed at a minimum working distance of 300 mm.

The close focus lens and acrylic base can simply be screwed onto the monocular resulting in an excellent stand microscope with field of view of 9 mm and magnification factor of 25x. A cutaway in the clear base allows access to touch the object under inspection. The base can be removed for irregular objects. The image is not reversed. Both lens systems (ocular and objective lens) are achromatic and have an anti-reflection coating.

Use of this monocular in combination with the close-up lens is not limited to technical applications. Due to the high light sensitivity, true image and magnification factor, it is also an excellent vision aid. Practical uses include a stand microscope, telescope, a reading aid or straight forward quality control. A high quality box with neck strap is included.


Magnification factor 8x (as a scope)
25x (as a microscope)

Focusable Yes
Scale Yes
Incrementation top

0.1 and 0.05 mm

Incrementation bottom

0.2 mm

Measuring length

5 mm

Working distance (min.) 300 mm (monocular)
70 mm (stand microscope)
Field of view, monocular Distance 1000 metres = 113 metres
Distance 300 mm = 25 mm
Field of view close-up lens 9 mm (stand microscope, LS)
Dimensions 91 x 32 mm (monocular)
172 x 45 mm (stand microscope)
Weight 76 grams (monocular)
110 grams (stand microscope)
Leather case included
Display Image not reversed
Lens opening 20 mm
Angle of vision 6.5°
Relative brightness 6.2
Pupil diameter 2.5 mm

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