Thunderwolf Cavalry - Space Wolves - Warhammer 40k

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The Thunderwolves are legendary creatures that hail from the Mountains of Maelstrom. These hulking beasts are the proud owners of jaws strong enough to chew through steel. Rumour has it that senior Space Wolves will often hunt down Thunderwolves in order to be initiated into the upper echelons of the Wolf Guard. This has culminated in the rise of the near-mythical Thunderwolf Cavalry. Though their group is small, they have become a dauntless elite within the ranks of the Wolf Guard, and their identities have never graced the pages of any official Imperial Records. This multi-part plastic boxed set contains 121 components with which to build three Thunderwolf Cavalry models. This set comes with a selection of weaponry, including a frost blade, a power fist, a thunder hammer and three storm shields, as well as optional extras such as grenades, holstered bolt guns, bolt pistols and a choice of six different heads.