The Magnesium Bar

£ 5.99

The Magnesium Bar is made from 99.95% pure magnesium. Small pieces can easily be scraped off with a knife.

The small fragments then make the ultimate tinder and burn with a 3000°C hot flame that ignites even wet material.

To use:

Prepare Fire Site by picking a suitable spot for a fire. Collect dry wood & tinder. The base of your fire should be as dry as possible, such as bark from a dead tree.

Shave the Magnesium bar using a decent knife, preferably with a fixed or locking blade. Spark The Blaze and build the fire using small pieces of tinder and gradually building up the fire.

Please ensure you use the magnesium bar safely & always keep out of the reach of children.

If you would like to know more about the crystal structure of Mg please take a look at our Magnesium (Mg) molecular modelling kit here: Magnesium Molecular Modelling Kit