The Kepler Telescope


Curious Minds Did You Know: The largest star that humans are aware of is called the Pistol Star and it lies in the center of the Pistol Nebula. It has one hundred times the mass of the sun! To put that in perspective, the Pistol Star is approximately 9159410 times heavier than planet earth! Makes you feel very small...

This is a kit for an astronomical telescope as described by Johannes Kepler. The surprisingly sharp and bright image is upside-down as usual with astronomical telescopes. The factor of magnification is 10, ideal for moon craters and even the moons of Jupiter.

Together with the Galileo Telescope, this kit allows a direct comparison of the two different principles of telescopes. The advantage of the Kepler Telescope is instantly visible.

This kit is not pre-punched, the parts need cutting out with scissors or a craft-knife
The kit includes the OptiMedia lenses 3, 7, and 9.