Tamiya 1/700 HMS Hood & E Class Destroyer (31806)


About the British Battlecruiser Hood & E Class Destroyer

Built in May 1920, the British Battle Cruiser Hood featured a displacement of 48,360t. Flagship of the Royal Navy, for close to 20 years she was recognized as one of the world's largest warships. On May 23rd, 1941, the Hood was accompanied by the battleship Prince of Wales, two F Class destroyers, and two E Class destroyers, as they set out to hunt down mammoth German battleship Bismarck and heavy cruiser Prinz Eugen. On the morning of the 24th, Hood engaged the German ships, firing at Prinz Eugen. The German ships returned fire with Hood hit by Bismarck. The hit penetrated her deck, detonating her ammunition and resulting in an explosion blowing the Hood in half. Along with the loss of its symbolic flagship, the Royal Navy also suffered the loss of 1,416 men, their greatest of WWII. The two E Class destroyers which accompanied Hood, Echo and Electra, escaped unharmed. Echo and Electra were built in 1934 and featured a 1,350 ton displacement with a top speed of 36 knots. Echo went on to perform convoy duty in the Arctic and Mediterranean with Electra serving in the Pacific including in the Battle of Malaya and Battle of the Java Sea.

About the Models

  • Highly detailed 1/700 scale model of the British battle cruiser Hood and E Class destroyer.
  • Overall length: Hood 375mm, E Class 143mm
  • E Class model features easy-to-assemble left/right half design.
  • Portals, bridge, deck and flared center reproduced in faithful detail.
  • Hood's main guns and E Class main guns and torpedo launchers are moveable thanks to use of polycaps.
  • Kit includes marking numbers for all 9 E Class destroyers produced.
As with all Tamiya items, instructions are clear and concise, in order to allow the modeller to build a detailed model with relative ease. These assembly kits require paint and modelling glue sold separately.