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Tamiya 1/350 Japanese Battleship Musashi (78031)

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by Tamiya
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Conquer the seas with the 1/350 Japanese Battleship Musashi from Tamiya

About the Japanese Battleship Musashi

The Musashi was the second ship in the Yamato class of battleships built by the Japanese Navy. Her most distinguishing features were her nine huge 46cm guns, which had a range of 41km and could penetrate 43cm of armor plating at a distance of up to 30km. The massive ship had a displacement of over 70,000 tons, and was laid down on March 29, 2013. Some two and a half years later in November 1940 she was launched and finally commissioned for service on August 5, 1942.

In order to provide the best defensive capability possible, she employed an astonishing 21,000 tons of armor plating; in addition, the ship was made a short as possible and its layout grouped key parts such as the bridge in the center of the ship. After serving as the flagship of the Japanese fleet from February 1943 to March 1944, she took part in combat operations in the Philippines. On October 24, 1944, Musashi was attacked by several U.S. planes and took a number of torpedo hits leading to her sinking.

About the Model

  • This is a plastic model assembly kit of the Japanese battleship Musashi.
  • Scale: 1/350, Length: 751.5mm, Width: 110mm.
  • Model depicts the Musashi as she appeared in the Battle of the Philippine Sea.
  • Detailed one-piece molded hull accurately captures the form of the Musashi with bulbous bow, and raised sheer.
  • Faithfully recreated deck features bridge, funnels and other key parts grouped in the center, capturing the heavy feel of the battleship.
  • 46cm guns feature details such as the water-proof coverings, and are fitted directly to the deck.
  • Main mast is finely engraved.
  • Other armaments including 12.7cm guns, triple 25mm cannon mounts and more are recreated in detail.
  • 15m rangefinders and stern crane are movable after completion.
  • Stern walkway is recreated using stickers.
  • Includes 4 reconnaissance floatplanes and 4 cutters.
  • Full hull model display stand is included.

As with all our Tamiya model kits, instructions are clear and concise, in order to allow the modeller to build a detailed model with relative ease.

These assembly kits require paint and modelling glue sold separately.

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