Tamiya 1/35 U.S Tank Crew Set (35347)


Tankers Aplenty!

This adaptable set of six 1/35 scale figures is perfect for use with Tamiya WWII U.S. tank models such as the M4A3E8 Sherman "Easy Eight" (European Theatre). Figures feature highly realistic poses and depict soldiers in uniform typically used in the European Theatre of WWII. The set includes 3 types of clear goggle parts (2 of each). Parts are included to authentically recreate accessories such as M3A1 submachine gun and 2 different types of ammunition box. Comes with decals depicting unit and rank insignia. Set contains 4 full body figures and 2 torso figures.

About the Uniform

U.S. tank crew in WWII used a uniform essentially the same as their infantry counterparts, although a tanker's helmet and warm tanker's jacket with fitted sleeves were designed to be used by crews in their cramped vehicle interiors. Goggles were a vital form of protection from dust, and many tank crew also used hoods and overall-style tanker's trousers to keep the cold at bay.