Ravensburger Enchanted Forest Game

£ 15.00
Have you got the courage and heart to accept the King's challenge and recover the lost "once-upon-a-time" treasures hidden in the Enchanted Forest? Cinderella's glass slipper, Puss' boots, Jack's magic beans and the Three Little Pigs' Brick house are among the 13 treasures to find. Start your quest at the castle where the first treasure card will be revealed and your hunt will begin. A clever game of memory and cunning approach, make your way around the trees of the forest and note the location of the treasures you find, when the King requests their whereabouts, race back to the castle and reveal their position. Each time a treasure has been found, another card will be revealed until the final one has been located. The brave adventurer that locates three treasures first will be crowned the winner and inherit the throne! A great game for those that adore a fairy-tale and suitable for 2-6 players aged 4 years and up.