Ravensburger 16427 No Ball Games 1000 piece puzzle

£ 12.99
This little fishing village is a hive of activity - fishing boats are being maintained, washing is drying on the line and local residents get on with their day.

Animals gather along the quay, birds sit in the trees and in the foreground puffins and seagulls wait for their next catch.

It seems that anyone and anything - except ball games - is welcome here!

Escape the pressures of the day and create some mindful moments as you assemble this beautiful puzzle, illustrated by Scottish artist Ailsa Black.

Ravensburger's 1000 piece jigsaws are crafted with FSC premium quality and measure 70 x 50cm when complete.

Great for adults and for children 12 years old and up. Fully complies with all necessary UK and EU testing standards.