Playmobil City Action Fire Station


From exciting car chases with the police to dangerous operations with the fire brigade - every day, the city is full of hustle and bustle. With plenty of space for equipment and large vehicles, a sliding pole and its own helipad, it is the pivotal point of every operation. Whether with a fire brigade control vehicle, helicopter or rescue vehicle, the Playmobil fire brigade team is on the spot in no time.

To make the city even safer, you need professionals. While the firefighters extinguish every fire, the police officers go on a hunt for criminals and crooks. With its numerous characters and playsets which include sophisticated functions, the City Action range is exiting!

When the alarm sounds, the firefighters are ready to go. Swoosh! A firefighter in full gear slides down the fire pole. His colleague is already waiting for him in the big fire hall and informs him about the big fire. It is great that additional support is on the way. Another colleague has just returned from an air mission and lands his helicopter on the roof of the fire station.

The three firefighters know exactly how to tackle any fire. They are equipped with detailed accessories and tools. Therefore, even the biggest fire is no challenge for the heroes in uniform.

The station is equipped with a fire alarm siren sound (2 x AAA batteries required, not included) for realistic play. When the alarm goes off, everyone know it's time to take on the next mission.

Contents: 1 fire station, 3 figures, 177 accessories including: 1 x Megaphone, 1 x Camera, 1 x Helicopter, 1 x Desk, 1 x Chair, 1 x Fire Extinguisher, 2 x Folders, 1 x Spade, 1 x Broom, 2 x Axe, 1 x Flag Pole, 1 x Water Hydrant. 2 x AAA batteries required, not included

Material: plastic,

L x W x H: 61 x 21 x 36 cm

Suitable for children aged 4 and up.