Holographic Diffraction Grating Film (unmounted) 500 lines per mm


Holographic diffraction grating film is used to break up white light into all the colours of the spectrum. It is an ideal choice for spectroscopy experiments, since holographic gratings exhibit significantly sharper diffraction orders than their ruled counterparts by reducing the amount of stray light produced. This results in an increased ability to view absorbtion and emission lines, with higher spatial frequency gratings. Diffraction grating is offered in 1000 or 500 lines/mm. More lines spread the spectrum wider, less lines produce more, narrower spectra - unlike prisms, several spectra, or 'orders' can be produced. Choose from 2", 3" or 6" squares (other sizes are available on request). Please note that this material is highly electrostatic and picks up dust and fingerprints very easily.

Holographic diffraction gratings are used to diffract white light into a spectrum. They are optically generated by recording an interference pattern on a photorestist-coated substrate.

They are ideal for use in spectroscopy experiments as the diffraction orders are significantly sharper than their ruled counterparts. This is due to the reduction in stray light produced which allows for an increased ability to view absorption and emission lines. At 500 lines per mm, the wavelengths of the diffracted light lie between 400 and 700 nanometers with a dispersion angle of 19 degrees.

The diffraction grating is made from clear polyester film with a thickness of 0.0762mm and is available in 2, 4 and 6 square inches.