Hemisferium Hanging Philip II Sundial Pendant


This vertical disk sundial from the end of the 16th century is a fascinating historical piece. One side has an effigy of King Philip II of Spain and the other side is a sundial. The original bronze piece is kept at the British Museum in London.

Between the 16th and 17th century, a close link existed between Spain and the Low Countries (Belgium, Netherlands, and Luxembourg) marked by the mutual influence and a high level of cooperation that occurred between their scientists.

To reinforce the Spanish empire, Philip II supported a variety of studies in astronomy, cartography and nautical astronomy at the renowned University of Louvain in Brussels. Some of the most beautiful and precise scientific instruments of the time were created there.

This beautiful astronomical Renaissance piece is hung on an elegant chord and will make an eye-catching necklace or decoration as a gift for all genders! 

The Sundial measures 45mm across and 4mm thick.