Hemisferium Equatorial Augsburg Sundial


This beautiful reproduction of an equinoctial sundial, known as the “Augsburg clock” is made with finely detailed brass and sits on a wooden base. The original was made by Johann Georg Vogler (1720-1765) who belonged to the fourth generation of a legendary line of goldsmiths in Augsburg, Germany. It is a Sundial of German origin and of universal type like the Beringer, since it has a latitude scale adaptable to the place of measurement. The Voglers helped to popularize this type of instrument during the 18th century. The "Ausburg" were usually octagonal clocks containing a compass with hinges for the hour scale and for the limb (with the latitude scale). The originals were made using brass and glass and resides in the Naval Museum of Madrid.

Materials: Zamac brass plated and lacquered

Height: 100 mm Width: 100 mm Weight: 255g