Hemisferium Capuccino Quadrant


This model is a sea-going, local-hour quadrant based on a device called a clinometer – used to measure the angle of elevation of a tall object from the ground to work out its height. This replica has been calculated for a latitude of 51.5º N

The name, Capuccino Quadrant is derived from the best-known version of this solar clock, in which the path of the pearl in both tropics traces two lines that resemble the hood of Capuchin monks. The quadrant dates back to the around the 15th century, although the date is not precise. 

The model is a high quality replica which is sure to be suited to anybody with a keen interest in how humans managed to navigate centuries ago!

The Quadrant measures 110m in height, 80mm wide and 4mm thick.

Material: Zamak with brass lacquer. Sapele wood tainted with natural wax and polished.