Geoworld Dino Excavation Kit- Stygimoloch Skeleton


Curious Minds Did You Know? Dinosaurs are a group of reptiles that lived on Earth for around 245 million years.

Try your hand at being a palaeontologist with the Dino Excavation kits from Geoworld! Use real palaeontologist’s tools (hammer and chisel) to discover the various pieces of Dinosaur skeleton waiting to be set free from the gypsum bricks that hold them prisoner. Once you've dug-up and cleaned the skeleton, the pieces fit together to form a small model for you to keep!

The Stygimoloch found in this kit was a herbivore that measured around 2-3 metres long, 1 metre high and weighed 80kg. It had a very thick skull with large bony spikes and bumps believed to have been used both for defence and for fighting rival Stygimolochs.

There are twelve different Dinosaurs from Geoworld to discover! Each skeleton is made up of about 13 pieces and the hammer and chisel are included in the packaging.

Ideal for children aged 6+