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Genuine Dinosaur Coprolite

£ 3.99

Curious Minds Did You Know? The largest coprolite was 17 inches long and almost 7 inches wide. It is thought to have come from a large carnivore such as a T-Rex as it contained lots of bones!

Coprolite, meaning “Dung Stone”, is fossilised faeces (poo). Dinosaurs were no different to us today, in the fact that their bodies had to dispose of unwanted waste that had been created from eating food too. Though unfortunately for the dinosaurs there were no ‘toilets’ available that they could use to flush away the evidence! But that's good news for us, as these fossilised remains serve an extremely valuable purpose in palaeontology, as they provide direct evidence of whether the animal was a plant-eating herbivore or a meat-eating carnivore.

Coprolites range in size from a few millimetres to well over 50 centimetres and are surprisingly colourful and don’t worry - completely odourless!

Sold as a single piece.

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