Fitzroy Storm Barometer, tear shaped


The Storm Glass Barometer came into general use during the early 1700s. Sailors attached this instrument to the mast of their ship and by interpretation of the constantly changing crystal formations within, relied upon it to forecast the weather for nearly 250 years. Admiral Robert Fitzroy, Captain of the HMS Beagle and later Governor of New Zealand, while in command of Charles Darwin's expedition, conducted a detailed study of the instrument. He refined the formula and published observational guidelines.

Our Fitzroy Storm Glass consists of a sealed glass tube, filled with a mixture of water, ethanol, camphor, potassium nitrate, and ammonium chloride.

Depending on the weather conditions you can observe different forms of crystals form and dissolve, helping you to predict the weather.

The Fitzroy Storm Glass is a very decorative instrument, an interesting conversation piece, and a great gift for science enthusiasts and those curious about our world.