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Curious Minds Optic Quality Glass Trichroic Prism

£ 24.99

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The glass prism showcases unique aspects of the nature of light.

Refraction is a phenomenon of physics and can be displayed brilliantly by a Trichroic Prism.

A trichroic prism is built from two dichroic prisms and when light is shone through the prism it will split in to 3 individual colours: Red, green and blue.

In refraction the light with the visible light with the longest wavelength (blue) will bend the most and the light with the shortest wavelength (red) will bend the least!

Glass prisms have many interesting properties when interacting with light.

Total internal reflection causes light to reflect from the inside of the wall of the glass prism and travel back through the prism! Refraction of light due to Snell's Law changes the angle of the light when it enters the prism, meaning that glass prisms can bend light! Dispersion is the process where the prism splits the white light into many colours, creating a beautiful rainbow effect!

To use the prism simply take a torch, lamp or any light source, shine light through a prism and on the other side a rainbow of red, green and blue will appear!

Size: 1 inch x 1 inch x 1 inch

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Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review
Jeanette M.

Bought this for a birthday present and it's really lovely, perfect for the person I bought it for who is into sciency things.

Thank you for your review, we're so glad you are pleased with the trichroic prism.