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Children's Inflatable PVC Football (25cm)

£ 2.50

Playing with a children's inflatable football provides numerous opportunities for physical activity, skill development, and family bonding. Whether it's on the beach, in the garden, or at the park, the inflatable football offers endless hours of entertainment and excitement for children of all ages.

Four assorted colours, one will be chosen at random. Please contact us if you want a specific colour.

Sold deflated.

Each football measures 25cm

Ideas for playing with our inflatable Children's PVC football

With a children's inflatable football, the fun and games are endless! Here are some exciting activities and skills children can learn while playing with it:

  1. Soccer Skills Practice: Children can improve their dribbling, passing, and shooting skills by kicking the inflatable football around. Setting up makeshift goals or using natural markers like trees or cones adds an extra layer of excitement to the game.

  2. Dribble Relay Races: Divide players into teams and set up a relay race course. Each player must dribble the inflatable football through a series of obstacles before passing it to the next teammate. This activity promotes teamwork, coordination, and agility.

  3. Beach Soccer: Head to the beach for some sandy soccer fun! The soft inflatable football is perfect for beach play, allowing children to kick and pass the ball without worrying about injury. Plus, the beach environment adds an extra element of adventure and excitement.

  4. Water Soccer: If you have access to a pool or a shallow area of water, why not try playing water soccer? Children can dribble and pass the inflatable football while splashing around in the water, keeping cool and having fun at the same time.

  5. Obstacle Course Challenge: Set up a backyard or garden obstacle course using cones, hoops, and other items. Children can navigate through the course while dribbling the inflatable football, testing their agility and coordination.

  6. Family Matches: Organize friendly matches between family members or invite friends over for a game. Whether it's a casual kickabout or a more structured game, playing soccer together fosters teamwork, communication, and sportsmanship.

  7. Skill Challenges: Create skill challenges such as dribbling through cones, shooting at targets, or performing trick shots. Children can compete against each other or try to beat their own records, enhancing their soccer abilities while having fun.

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