Cambridge Brainbox Explorer 2 Electronics Kit


The Explorer Electronics Kit offers over 1200 electronics experiments. The kit comes with a well written manual detailing the experiments.

This fabulous kit has over 60 individual components including transistors, resistors and capacitors.

Circuits range from the basic - lighting a single bulb and progress through using pre-programmed sound modules to building an FM radio.

Children can experiment by designing their own circuits, such as how to control events like switching on a bedroom light when the daylight fades, or testing to see if a window has been left open.

Clear circuit diagrams to aid construction.

Over 1200 exciting experiments.

Learn how to program a digital number display. Build your own FM and AM radio. Learn about and design electric circuits. Find out how to control lamps. Learn about and use switches. Experiment with an electric motor. Experiment with conductors and insulators. Find out how to use light-emitting diodes. Learn about series and parallel circuits .Find out about AND, OR, NAND and NOR gates. Build a flying fan. Produce electronic sirens. Produce electronic music. Produce 'space war' sounds. Build a vibration detector. Build a rain detector. Investigate light operated circuits. Build your own burglar alarms. Learn about and use transistors. Build a voice recorder.

All sensors and alarm parts included.

The Explorer Electronics Kit could be used to enhance the understanding of Key Stage 3 and 4 electronics.

Suitable for ages 10 - 14.