Astromedia Copernican Orrery Construction Kit

£ 46.99

Curious Minds Did You Know: Copernicus wasn't actually the first to suggest heliocentrism. Despite Copernicus being the one who introduced the idea to the modern world it had already been discussed by several Islamic and ancient Greek scholars hundreds of years ago.

Traditionally, orreries are made from brass or wood, or a mixture of both. They demonstrate the relative movements of the planets of the solar system and the phases of the moon round the Earth to a very high degree of accuracy through an exact arrangement of gears and ratios.

Unlike other DIY orrery kits, this one is composed of high-quality card with wooden planets and a large LED powered sun. One turn of the crank represents one week and shows the relative movements of the heavenly bodies accurately.

The illuminated Sun in the centre helps demonstrate the seasons, phases of the Moon, eclipses and much more. This amazing kit creates a fully functional orrery. It demonstrates the movements of Mercury, Venus, Earth and the Moon around the Sun. A fantastic kit that never fails to impress!

The kit includes axles, magnets, pulley belts, planets, bearings and an LED light.

Height: 29.5 cm, diameter: 29 cm

Construction time: 30-70 hours (depending on experience)