Bushcraft Survival Ferrocerium Fire Steel With Corded Lanyard & Striker

£ 8.99
Essential Gear : Our survival Firesteel is an essential piece of kit for camping, bushcraft survival and hiking. Made from ferrocerium , which is a synthetic pyrophoric alloy that produces hot sparks that can reach temperatures of 3,000 °C when rapidly oxidized by the process of striking the rod. The efficiency of spark production will help you to light fires in almost any weather conditions. Super Grip: The comfortable wooden handle provides an extremely firm and stable grip when striking, especially in wet weather conditions. It's also more eco-friendly than plastic handles. The woven cord lanyard is both durable and practical, the loop end allows you to hang it from a carabiner, belt or backpack for ease of access. Multi Use: Includes Multi tool striker with ruler, map gauge and a handy bottle opener. Can be used to light fires, camping stoves and more. Ferrocerium rod: 7 cm / 2.75 inches Full length: 13 cm / 5.28 inches