Build A Wooden Da Vinci Trebuchet Kit

£ 18.99

Curious Minds Did You Know: 

Catapults generally used a large, springy piece of wood which would have been wound up. This then give tension to the wood and when released the arm pulls up and hits a stop then releasing the projectile. Trebuchets, in contrast, use a weight which pull down a lever arm, launching it up into the air. Trebuchets also tended to throw much larger objects.

While Trebuchets were common siege engines in Medieval Times, Leonardo’s take on the most powerful weapon of the time was unique – his design used one main mast, different from all others before! Based on his drawing from the Codex Atlanticus, da Vinci’s Trebuchet was a design likely made for the Duke of Milan in about 1482, to impress the Duke of his skills as a military engineer. While it is not known if it was ever used in battle, you can bring Leonardo’s trebuchet to life with this working model! A great kit for beginner to intermediate model makers, this kit will throw a soft clay ball (included) well over 6 metres! Great for STEM programs and a rainy day – but it can be enjoyed on sunny or cloudy days!