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Astromedia The Newton Telescope Construction Kit

£ 21.99

1 review

Curious Minds Did You Know: The Newtonian telescope is the first known functional telescope which uses a mirror. It was built in 1668 with the purpose of proving Newton's theory that white light is composed of a spectrum of colours, which was later proved to be correct!

The Newton Telescope from Astromedia is a fully functioning reflecting telescope with Dobsonian mounting. Two eyepieces provide magnification factors of 16 and 30, powerful enough to see craters on the Moon and even the Moons of Jupiter! The Newton telescope consists of a primary concave mirror and a secondary flat mirror which is at an angle to reflect the light in to the eyepiece. Reflecting mirrors tend to be better than refracting mirrors as they avoid chromatic aberration and thus the majority of the worlds telescopes use mirrors!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review
Mark Rainbow
Brilliant purchase

This construct-yourself telescope is very well thought out (the few errors in the main instructions are given corrections in a separate sheet). The quality is also very good, considering it is all cardboard apart from the mirror and lenses. You need to take it slow, and I don't think it's finishable in a day. If you want to follow every instruction (including the finer, optional bits), you need to give sufficient time for allowing glue to dry fully (we're talking about getting precision, here, which requires particular patience and care). But the end result is quite amazing. You can test your assembly before you've completed it, and, if you've done all the (slightly tricky) alignment well, you should be pretty pleased with the quality of what you see; and, in the process of the assembly, you will have learned how a telescope really works, and possibly appreciate the genius of its first inventors and refiners. I can't really rate this too highly. (I didn't use scissors to remove each element, but just pushed them out gently from their sheets, which I think is safer.)

Hello M.R
Many thanks for taking the time to write a comprehensive review for the Newton Telescope Construction Kit. We agree with you; the kit is a great learning tool for understanding how telescopes are made and work, then having a functioning telescope as the end result is wonderful too. We hope you continue enjoy using the telescope. Kind regards The Team