Astromedia The Newton Window Prism 200mm Long

£ 18.99

The English mathematician, physicist, and philosopher Sir Isaac Newton (1643-1727) was one of the founding fathers of the modern theory of colours. Prisms like this one, were commonly known as a toy in Newton’s time, but he was the first one to use them for scientific experiments, leading to his famous Theory of Colours.

This large crown glass prism projects beautiful spectral colours into your room.

Hang the prism in a south-west or south-east facing window. When the low standing sun shines through the prism, it projects fields of spectral colours sideways into the room. A slight spin of the prism makes them dance around beautifully.

The Newton Window Prism is a whopping 20 cm (8 inches) long and is made of optical quality glass. The prism is presented in a smart blue velveteen drawstring bag complete with suggestions for experiments. It makes an ideal gift for science enthusiasts and geeks alike.

Has a metal loop for hanging in window.