Kidz Labs Science Magic


Curious Minds Did You Know? Nothing is faster than light! According to Einstein’s Theory of Special Relativity, if you were to travel at the speed of light, time would stop.

Is it magic or is it science? Have fun performing and astonishing your friends with a variety of magic tricks using everyday objects together with this Kidz Labs Science Magic kit. From magnesium to mathematics to mind-reading, this kit contains 20 fun science tricks allowing you to discover that magic is all about science! So, sit back and enjoy the show, there will be a few scientific surprises along the way!

A brilliant gift set for a young, excited and inquisitive mind. Ideal to foster curiosity and encourage scientific learning on rainy days and a fantastic school holiday activity. 

The box includes a specially designed screw cap, 2 straws, a plastic cup, a suction tube, 3 metal washers, a mini U-shaped magnet, 3 mini plastic boats, 2 glow marbles, 4 paperclips, 2 long paper strips, a printed paper leaflet, printed cardboard, an adhesive tab, a plastic bag, a rubber band and a 22-page instruction booklet with fun explanations.

Ideal for children ages 8+

Please note that the image shown may be slightly different than the product box.