Kidz Labz Cosmic Rocket

£ 14.95

Curious Minds Did You Know? NASA Rockets cost around $500 million to build and launch!

The Kidz Labs Cosmic Rocket kit is an excellent way to ignite a love for science through experimentation.

Discover the power of the rocket with this hands-on science kit for the whole family to enjoy. This unique experimental kit includes a booklet of fun rocket science, detailed launching instructions and of course the rocket. Powered by Vinegar & Baking soda it can fly up to 50 feet up in the air! An amazingly fun and educational science mission!

When vinegar is mixed with baking soda inside the rocket body, a gas called carbon dioxide (CO2) is formed. When the chemical reaction continues to take place, more and more CO2 is produced inside the rocket. A point is reached where the cavity of the rocket cannot hold any more of the gas so the gas accumulated will escape from the bottom of the rocket, resulting in a “thrust” which forces the rocket to fly. Your cosmic rocket works by using the exact same principle of motion science as a real rocket with both demonstrating Sir Isaac Newton’s laws of motion.

A brilliant gift set for a young, excited and inquisitive mind. Ideal for rainy days and a fantastic school holiday activity.  

Ideal for children aged 8+

Please note vinegar and baking soda are not included.