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10 Sheet Pack of Sun Print/Cyanotype Paper with Instructions

£ 8.99

8 reviews

Sunprint paper is a fun and easy way to make your own prints. It is a great activity for children and adults alike.

Sunprint paper is a type of photosensitive paper that is sensitive to ultraviolet light. When exposed to sunlight, the paper will develop an image of whatever is placed on top of it.

Sunprint paper is often used to make cyanotypes, which are blue-green prints. Cyanotypes are made by exposing sun print paper to a mixture of ferric ammonium citrate and potassium ferricyanide.

Sun print paper can also be used to make other types of prints, such as black-and-white prints and colour prints.

To use sun print paper, simply place the paper on a flat surface and arrange your objects on top of it. Then, expose the paper to sunlight for several minutes. The longer the paper is exposed to sunlight, the darker the print will be.

Once the paper has been exposed to sunlight, rinse it in water to develop the image. The paper will then be ready to dry and display.

Some additional details about sun print paper:

- Sunprint paper is also known as cyanotype paper, blueprint paper, or heliographic printing paper

- Sunprint paper is made from a mixture of cellulose fibres and a light-sensitive emulsion.

- Sunprint paper is sensitive to ultraviolet light, which is present in sunlight.

- When exposed to sunlight, the light-sensitive emulsion in sunprint paper reacts to form a blue-green image.

- Sunprint paper can be used to make prints of objects, landscapes, and other scenes.

- Sunprint paper is a fun and easy way to create your own unique prints.

Each pack contains 10 x sheets 18x13cm of light sensitive sun print paper.

Please note: the plexiglass is not included with the paper & is not necessary to make superb sun art.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Sarah P.

Worked really well… no mess either… am going to get more packs for kids in the family to try out in the summer holidays

Thanks so much for your lovely review of our Sun Print Paper. We agree with you, it's wonderful for creative activities, we hope your family have fun with it.

Penelope S.

This is the perfect gift for young or old, whole families can Individually participate on a fairly level playing field.

Penelope S.

As previously this solar printing is giving 6 golden oldies much fun & laughter as well as stimulating our brain cells. Brilliant fun

We love the thought of your group having such a hoot with the Sun Print paper! Thanks for sharing with us :)

Penelope S.

Never have five OAPs had so much fun at one of our meetings. Laughter & creativity on a sunny morning in March. Cheap at the price.We were children again.

Dottie C.

Great fun for outdoors & nature art projects. Simple and easy to use.