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Sustainable Gifts For Christmas

Sustainable Gifts For Christmas

What is the most sustainable gift you can give anyone? The answer is simple; it’s a gift that they actually want and will love using. Ideally that gift is also a gift which is durable, such as one of the Klean Kanteen thermally insulated cups, or the reusable ChicoBag reusable snack & lunch bags, both ranges are very durable and will be used daily cutting down on disposable single use plastic. They're also pretty and stylish, an added bonus whilst trying to save the planet.

Klean Kanteen make wonderful sustainable gifts

A sustainable gift, could be quite short-lived as it might be something edible, usually the tastier it is the shorter the life span! Ideally sustainable food gifts are gifts that are produced here in the UK, thereby cutting down air miles and supporting small artisan food producers.

The honey is a perfect example of a sustainable and ethically produced gift. It is produced here in the UK by our company beehives, bottled in reusable jars and makes the perfect gift or sustainable stocking filler. 

Biodegradable glitter in ten different sparkly colours. Made from plant cellulose, our glitter is completely biodegradable and vegan

If you're looking for sustainable gifts for Christmas, how about some of our EcoSparkle Biodegradable glitter. The colours are stunning, vibrant and sparkly and best of all once you're finished with your festive creations, you can be reassured the plant-based, vegan glitter will simply decompose back into the soil.

Build your own wooden ballista with our sustainable wooden construction kit 

If you're looking for a gift for someone who loves building models, how about one of our fascinating Da Vinci wooden construction kits. They're created entirely from wood, requiring only glue for assembly, they offer a stimulating challenge for young and old alike who enjoy a construction challenge.

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