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The Perfect Gift For Geeks and Science Lovers |

The Perfect Gift For Geeks and Science Lovers

The Perfect Gift For Geeks and Science Lovers

Christmas is coming and the stress is mounting, what are you going to gift to the mad crazy geeky science-enthusiast in your life? Well, read on, because we have the Perfect Gift For Geeks and Science Lovers.

Are you looking for the perfect gift for geeks and science lovers? What do you gift for Christmas to the man who has enough socks, shaving products or cufflinks. This year we have the perfect gift for you to give him; a hand blown glass Klein Flask.

What Is A Klein Bottle?

A Klein Bottle is a very decorative mathematical model, an interesting conversation piece, and a great present! It is an example of a non-orientable surface: a three-dimensional body that doesn't have an inside or outside, it has just one surface! You might be more familiar with the two-dimensional Mobius Strip: if you take a long strip of paper, twist it once and glue the ends together, you have a paper ring with just one surface. If you trace your finger along the surface of a Mobius Strip, you will see that you cover both sides without having to go across the edge.

A Klein Bottle has the same property as a Mobius strip; you can get from the inside to the outside without having to cross the edge of a spout. To understand the maths behind a Klein bottle, you'll find a little light reading here on the Wolfram MathWorld pages.

The Perfect Gift For Geeks and Science Lovers Makes A Fun Scientific Talking Point Over Drinks

You don't need to understand the maths behind this beautiful glass bottle to appreciate how clever the design is. When it's the centrepiece on your coffee table  it  will bring the beauty of science into focus and is bound to spark some interesting discussions.

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