Zvezda 1:350 Russian Nuclear Submarine K-141"Kursk" (9007)

£ 25.50
The Kursk was built under the "949A" project and was intended to fight aircraft carrier groups. It was put into operation as part of the northern fleet early 1995. Basic armament: 124 super-sonic cruise-missile launchers 3M-45 / P-700 "Granite" Missiles can carry high-capacity, 700kg conventional or 500kg nuclear warheads 6 bow torpedo launchers - two 650mm and four 533mm (a total of 18 torpedoes as back-up) Total length: 154,8 m. Width: 18m. Height (top to bottom): 18,3 m. Crew: 130 The Kursk was tragically lost on August 12th, 2000