Worm World

£ 14.99

Curious Minds Did You Know? In one acre of land, there can be more than a million earthworms.

Unleash your inner Zoologist and start your adventure into the natural world by discovering the fascinating private life of Worms with this beautifully made habitat from My Living World in collaboration with TV Naturalist, Nick Baker.

Worms are a favourite topic for kids fascinated by nature; they're easily accessible and easily handled by young kids. Worm World allows a look into the private World of worms in a fun and informative way. 

Watch your worms mix up the different layers in the chamber and see them feed on leaves. This product provides a great opportunity for children to learn more about worms and understand the vital role they play in our environment. Children are encouraged to collect their own worms and instructed how to in the 20-page activity guide, written by naturalist Nick Baker. 

This is the perfect kit for young and inquisitive minds or anyone with a passion for the natural world. It is a brilliant educational activity to keep those budding young minds busy in summer.

Worms can also be ordered using the order form included in the box.

Box includes plastic worm housing, tunnelling materials, shade and the fascinating 20-page guide written by nature expert Nick Baker.