Wood Trick Gondola 3D Wooden Puzzle

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Curious Minds Did You Know : All gondolas in Venice are customarily painted black due to a 17th century law prohibiting colourful gondolas in order to eliminate the competition between nobles for the most beautiful vessel.

A gondola flowing along the river and you hugging a loved one is one of the first associations that arises when you think of Venice. And this is no accident, as the gondola is symbolic to the Italian city. And almost everyone dreams to go there at least once.
Inspired by this romantic image, we created the Gondola model. And this wooden mechanical model kit has a small secret. Turn the key a couple of times, and a hidden box will pop out from the side panel. In such a secluded place you can easily store romantic messages or things dear to your heart.
This kit features:
• A wooden model kit with clear, simple and highly detailed instruction and illustrations.
• Made from safe and environmentally friendly plywood, all from responsibly sourced stocks without any added toxins or glues.
• Suitable for children to make and play, although adult supervision is recommended.