Wood Trick Gingerbread Man 3D Wooden Puzzle

£ 5.12
Even from a young age, children please us with their crafts. With this model kit, children can enjoy building their own small model which has mechanical gears and other mobile parts. The Gingerbread man is sweet model that you can attach to a hook and hang up. With its unusual design, the assembly will enthral children and help develop the imagination. Please note that children up to fourteen years old may require some assistance. Some details will be difficult for them to unite by themselves, but you certainly don’t need to worry that the child will get a splinter or otherwise get hurt. The material from which the models are made is eco-friendly plywood. It is very important to surround the child with useful and educational toys, and what could be better than natural materials, including wood. The components of the models are safe and non-toxic, unlike most modern plastic toys. This kit features: • Clear, simple and very detailed instruction with illustrations. • Made from safe and environmentally friendly wood from all-natural trees without any added toxins or glues. • Children can make and play with the model, although adult supervision is recommended. Every Wood Trick model: • Enhances creative thinking skills, • Promotes critical thinking skills, • Develops problem-solving and reasoning skills.