Wood Trick Crane with Container 3D Wooden Puzzle

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Curious Minds Did You Know: Cranes were used all the way back in ancient Greece to build their temples, however their designs were unsurprisingly much more crude than the machinery we use nowadays. 

Our wooden crane aims to perfectly recreate the cranes used in large scale industry, such as construction or boat building. The Crane is a magnificent model that aims to impress with its sheer size and detail. Although it is one of our more difficult kits to assemble, it is among the most rewarding.

Thanks to its clever design, the Crane authentically recreates its larger cousins and can even lift and carry objects! This is achieved by the use of several clockwork mechanisms to operate the boom, the jib, and even the slewing bearing! The crane also comes with a cargo container to assemble.
The kit features:
• A wooden model kit with clear, simple and highly detailed instruction and illustrations.
• Made from safe and environmentally friendly plywood, all from responsibly sourced stocks without any added toxins or glues.
• Suitable for children to make and play, although adult supervision is recommended.