Wood Trick Container for Crane 3D Wooden Puzzle

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Curious Minds Did You Know: The tallest crane in the world is the Liebherr LTM 11200 9.1 reaching an enormous height of 100 metres, 7 metres taller than the statue of liberty! It is also extremely powerful and can lift a weight of 1200 metric tonnes!

The Container is an addition to the main Crane model. The model is equipped with a special connecting piece for the crane. With the help of detailed illustrated instructions, you and your child can easily assemble this kit. Assembling the container helps to develop fine motor skills and cognitive development.
The kit features:
• A wooden model kit with clear, simple and highly detailed instruction and illustrations.
• Made from safe and environmentally friendly plywood, all from responsibly sourced stocks without any added toxins or glues.
• Suitable for children to make and play, although adult supervision is recommended.