Used Teltron Universal Stand

£ 48.00

Used Teltron Stand for use with Teltron Tubes.

This stand is designed to be used safely in conjunction with the whole range of Teltron Tubes and accessories. The base measures 180mm at its widest, 240mm long and 60mm high. The vertical arm of the stand is 285mm tall and the frame is cast in a light alloy and stove enamelled.

There are three rubber feet on the base of the stand to improve stability.

The tube mounting arms are moulded from a plastic with high electrical resistance properties. Each arm ends with a jaw which is split all the way down the length of the arms and can be clamped via the movable slider to lock them in position.

The arms are mounted on the stand by a rubber O-ring in the centre which allows for a full 360° rotation so that the tube may be positioned to the best advantage.

There are two sockets in the base which are to be used with Teltron’s Helmholtz coils to set them securely on either side of the tube.

A 4mm earthing socket has been drilled into the base of the pillar for grounding the apparatus.