Truncated Octahedral d8

£ 1.49
This d8 rolls more readily than the standard regular-octahedron design. These truncated octahedra will also stack together to fill space without gaps. The die will occasionally land with a large blank face up, in which case you can either roll again or consider it a "wild card" roll. Approximately 19 mm across.
Our d8 is based on the truncated octahedron. This design was chosen primarily for the fact that it is a space-filling polyhedron. Truncation also creates a polyhedron that is more nearly spherical, so it should roll and tumble better than a regular octahedron. A drawback to the truncated octahedron is the fact that it can land on a square face, which we've found happens about 2% of the time. Due to the small number of faces, balancing the sums over the six groups of four faces isn't possible.