Hape Junior Inventor Experiment Starter Kit

£ 26.00
by Hape
Expand your knowledge of physics and engineering and explore your creativity with this incredible Junior Inventor set. The tools and pieces are easy to use, and the set even comes with inspiration cards to get you started. The inspiration cards will teach you to build a see-saw, a balance bike, a windmill, a prop plane, and a sitting fox This set is compatible with other Junior Inventor sets. Suitable for children aged 4 and up. Includes: 1 x 1-hole block, 2 x 3-hole blocks, 4 x 3-hole strips, 4 x 5-hole strips, 2 x 7-hole strips, 2 x triangular planks, 7 x long screws, 6 x short screws, 7 x nuts, 1 x cap, 1 x 3-hole rotator, 1 x 3-hole base stand, 2 x small wheels, 1 x Philips screwdriver, 1 x wrench.