Magnetic Sculpture

£ 5.99
Novelty pen that floats in a specially designed cradle. Repelling magnetic forces keep the pen suspended in mid-air, allowing it to spin with very little resistance where it floats. The pen is decorated with a clever black and white design that creates a clever strobe effect as it spins. This desktop novelty will attract curious customers and gadget lovers alike.

Build incredible physics defying geometric patterns and shapeswith this amazing sculpture kit. The metal shapes stick and stack together into truly incredible formations, all thanks to the strong magnet that's concealed inside the base. There are three different sculpture sets available, with designs including stars and moons, tiny spheres and hex nuts.

  • Magnetic sculpture kit

  • Dozens of metal shapes

  • Stick and stack shapes on magnetic base

  • Moon and star, sphere and hex nut designs available

  • Measure 9.5cm