Large Newton's Cradle

£ 13.99
The silver rings of this beguiling desktop mobile spin gracefully around a central sphere. The motion is continuous and, at first glance, impossible to fathom. The secret lies in the base; a battery-powered motor spins a powerful magnet, which in turn exerts a variable force on the pendulum weight attached to the outer ring. Even when you know exactly how it works, the perpetual, rhythmic movement and gravity-defying structure still fascinate. Packed with retro geek-appeal this is an excellent curiosity gift line for adults.

There's something hypnotic about the consistent click-clack of a Newton's Cradle. Pull back one of the metal spheres and then release to make it connect with the others, sending the impact energy through the chain and making the sphere on the other end react with equal force. From a scientific point of view it perfectly demonstrates conservation of momentum and energy. From our point of view, it's probably the coolest and most addictive desk toy ever. This extra-large version just makes it even more fun!

  • Five-ball Newton's Cradle
  • Demonstrates conservation of momentum
  • Popular executive desk toy
  • Educational physics demonstration
  • 17cm tall