Time Machine - Ball Bearing Clock

£ 39.60
A wonderful timepiece that will get you staring at it from the moment you get it rolling. The Time Machine clock tells the passing time by dropping a chrome ball onto a multi-tiered track. So you will know the time by seeing the ball that dropped.
A masterpiece in design. Using thirty two chrome ball bearings in total, every minute a central arm swoops to pick up a ball bearing from the bottom of the clock taking it up to the top of the machine before transferring it along the fascinating maze of chutes and interlinking tracks for perfect time keeping. Once five minutes is reached, the five minute ball is released. These balls accumulate until 12 have been released, whereupon the one hour ball is set free and rolls into place. This continues on the hour, every hour. Individually boxed and ready to run The Time Machine accurately displays the time at all times, simply count the balls contained in the relevant channels to be shown the time in hours, minutes and seconds. An acrylic display case keep the precise quartz movement free from dust and prying hands. Requires 4xC batteries not supplied. Precision movement transfers a chrome ball every 60 seconds - A dramatic centrepiece for any room or office - Beautiful modern design with transparent acrylic display case - Hour, minute and second indicators keep accurate time