The Astounding Science Puzzle Book

£ 10.05

Curious Minds Did You Know? If the star, Betelgeuse exploded, transitioning from a red supergiant to supernova, it would light up our sky for 2 months.

The Astounding Science Puzzle Book features a series of mini-quizzes of 10–15 questions on quirky topics, including ‘Marvellous maths and peculiar patterns’, ‘Wonderful wordplay’ and ‘Wonders and fragilities of the body’.

This handsome book makes exploring maths, physics, chemistry and biology exciting yet challenging and is perfect for any quiz lover. The trivia is based on science but also extends to popular culture, history and language – with Nobel Prize winners alongside Elvis Presley, and the moons of Mars alongside Jurassic Park.

The book is interweaved with puzzles, including witty anagrams, logic puzzles, crosswords, dingbats and other illustrated puzzles. Aspiring codebreakers should keep their eyes peeled for hidden puzzles as well. From the Big Bang to Beatles lyrics – this book is perfect for any trivia lover.

A brilliant gift for young, old, excited and inquisitive minds. Ideal to foster curiosity and encourage scientific learning whether it be on a day off school or on the train to work!