Sylvanian Families Candy Wagon

£ 10.99
With as many flavours as there are spots on Freya’s dress, the confectionery selection on offer is enough to brighten anyone’s day.

A wagon for selling lots of colourful candy. Attach a movable shelf to the front or side and place boxes of candy on it, ready for customers to get their paws on. After a positive school report or a long working day, a visit to the Candy Wagon is a real sugar-coating. Pick from 15 different lollies, deliciously wrapped with a decorative tie tag – if you want something really special, why not have them popped in one of three candy boxes? Perfect for giving to a friend!

Includes: Wagon, Stand, Movable shelf, Scale, Candy x 5, Lollipop x 10, Candy box x 3, Tie tag x 2, Bag x 2 (total 26 parts).

Suitable for children aged 3 and up.